Saturday, May 5, 2012

BlueDUN: Connect Windows 7 PCs to internet via bluetooth through Android phones

This post shows how to install and configure Bluetooth and pair your computer with an Android mobile phone to enable the internet connection.

Prerequisites are that you have already installed the bluetooth adapter on your windows 7 computer and turned on the bluetooth interface.

The pairing process can be started both from computer and phone. If you choose to start from phone you need also to enable in the Bluetooth Settings  the option: "Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer".
In this example, I will choose to start the pairing from your computer.

In the notification area, click on the small arrow to reveal a whole set of additional icons. Then, right click on the Bluetooth icon and click on "Show Bluetooth Devices"

Now you can see the list of the previously paired devices, but, before clicking "Add a device" to create a new pairing with your phone it is necessary to turn on the BlueDUN service on phone.

Open the BlueDUN app and enable the "Discoverable" option on preference panel (click the menu button to access to the preferences); now when you start the service you should get the message "Bluetooth permission request" asking you to enable the bluetooth visibility status for a limited time. 

If the BlueDUN service is running on the phone, you can click the "Add a device" button on PC; this starts the "Add a Device" wizard, which automatically scans for new devices, including Bluetooth ones.
After a few seconds, your phone should show up in the list of available devices. If it doesn’t, then you need to make sure Bluetooth is enabled on the phone and the phone is set as discoverable.

Select your phone and click Next.

The wizard displays a code that you need to type on your mobile phone, so that the pairing is completed.

On your mobile phone, you are notified that your computer wants to connect via Bluetooth. Press OK, then type the code.   Once the code is entered, the pairing is created and Windows automatically searches for drivers for all Bluetooth profiles available on your mobile phone, then installs them.

To check the discovered and installed BT profiles, you can right-click the phone you’ve just added and choose Properties:

Note:  the "Dial Up Network (
DUN)" profile will be available on phone only when the BlueDUN service is running; if you pair the devices in a different condition, you will not be able the create a new internet connection on PC.   In this case, remove the old pairing and create a new one following the above steps.

Make sure the DUN profile is also selected and click OK to confirm.
Now it is the time to create a new internet connection to access the internet throught the  bluetooth phone tethering:  right-click again your phone and then choose "Dial-Up Networking" > "Create a dial-up connection…"

after clicking that, it will ask for what Modem device to use in your dial-up choose the last one, if it doesn’t work, try the others...

now enter the mandatory dial-up number ( for example  *99***1#  is the mostly used ), and enter a name for your dial-up connection… no need for username and password with the BlueDUN app …

after entering the details, click Connect, it will try to dial the number in your phone and registering your connection to networks server, and after that it will test your connection…

On the BlueDUN app you should see the "Modem negotiating.." message and soon after the panel with connection statistics indicating the connection was established with success.

Now your done! Click close button to close the window, and Open your browser to start surfing the web, Enjoy!



  1. How about the other way around. My PC has internet connection and i want to connect my android phone to it to have also internet. Thanks

    1. you have to use USB reverse tethering...

    2. Can you help to understand how to do USB reverse tethering ?

  2. Yes, me too. please advice settings if I have a PC with internet connection and I want to connect my andriod phone to its internet via bluetooth.

  3. hi Mirko
    thanks for the great description .I was hoping if this software could allow me to share pc internet on my android device via bluetooth .Do you know how or do you know any other app that will allow me to do so ?
    thanks man for the great post :)

  4. Good helped me a lot...cheers!

  5. i want the reverse one but via bluetooth
    can you help me...?please

  6. I have read your blog and it is helpful for me during the connecting window 7 PCs to Internet via bluetooth using the Android phone.So i say thanks for helping me as well as Other.

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  7. The play store describes this app as a reverse tethering using bluetooth. So it would be helpful if you could explain that, or correct the play store description.

    1. only BlueVPN; BlueDUN implements a bluetooth modem feature

  8. Thanks a lot for your description. I try to connect my Laptop via my Nexus 7 internet connection. I used your BlueDUN App on my (trial) Nexus and my laptop sucessfully connected but the internet connection was extremly slow and with many aborts of the connection. How can I fix it? Do anybody have some advices?

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Bluetooth is slower than the wifi speed your probably used to, but the real issue is most likely you're nexus. If you're on 3g the lack of speed is much more noticable on a pc then a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. Unfortunately unless you get service from a different company than your neighbors or pay for 4g (if its even available in your area, all the major networks have a terrible coverage area for 4g) there's nothing you can do about this. Sorry man.

  9. EDIT: I use Android 4.2.2 on my Nexus 7 and Windows 7 on my Laptop.

  10. thank you for sharing. I try to connect my Laptop via my lenovo p770 internet connection.

  11. How about Linux PCs? You used Tux logo for your illustration, but I don't see an article about using BlueDUN with Linux PCs. Thank you.

  12. Please update BlueDUN to version 1.6 trial or 2.4 full (they are equivalents). The new version checks the compatibility with your device firmware and include an option to Send me the log files for debugging the app.

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  16. How It Can Be Use Viseversa...
    means Android phone use Internet from PC via Blutooth..?
    Please reply me

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