Sunday, May 5, 2013

BlueDUN & BlueVPN - What do you need to connect?

BlueDUN emulates the hardware modem on your Android phone. It allows your phone to share wifi or mobile connection over the bluetooth channel with other devices like PCs,tablets or navigation systems.  The bluetooth DUN (dial-up network) service is turned on, in order to enable the external device to access the Internet.

BlueVPN+  opens a VPN connection through the bluetooth or USB channel and allows to navigate the internet without a WiFi or a built-in 3G module.
It requires one of:
 - Android smartphone/tablet with BlueDUN installed and running
 - GPRS phone with Dial-Up Networking (DUN) support
 - USB Stick with 3G or PSTN Modem

1. TABLET (USB host port) & 3G STICK or PSTN (Line) Modem






  1. when connected on bluevpn, nexus 7 system/android doesnt 'recognize' internet connection and therefore some apps dont work. is there some way u can make software tell android that the connection exists so full use can result?

  2. Hi,after the latest update from Google for android 4.2 the app is not able to make connection to my Nokia e5 over BT. The app's connection trial lasts less than quarter of a second. And keeps closing. I tried to reinstall the app but am still unable to connect. Also, am not able to delete and re-pair the phone. Please help me I completely rely on this to connect to the internet. Thanks for your help. Sriram.

    1. Please read the other post:

  3. I cannot "dun" from the TomTomb Go 930 using Samsung Galaxy Note. The paring stops at 65% and a generic error appears: "It's not possible connect to server". Thanks in advance.

    1. Probably you need to use a fixed channel number. Please install the last 2.3 (1.5 trial) BlueDUN version and set the channel number greater than "0" (otherwise it will be assigned automatically)

  4. After some frustration and trial and error, I finally figured out why my bluevpn connection was dropped almost imediately after being created. It is not a communications problem at all, but a usability problem!

    After the connection is successfully made, the bluevpn app displays a huge blue button. It seems very natural to push it (I did). However, this is the disconnect button! One should leave the application running in the background and switch to another app (eg browser) to make use of the connection.

    I recommend the author to replace the blue round button with a clearly labeled "disconnect" one, and perhaps add a hint on the same screen, that the user should leave the app running "as is" and switch to another app using the OS features.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion, but I can only partially agree with you, because the big button has a the OFF symbol inside.

  5. Could you give "step by step" how to connect Nokia N8 with internet and Android Galaxy Tab 2 7.0? These instructions doesnt help a bit because with N8 you cant load dun-program.

  6. You don't need to load any program on N8 phone, simply enable the bluetooth (the GPRS modem function should be already enabled) and rename the phone if it includes spaces.
    - Create BT pairing beetwen the two devices
    - Install BlueVPN on Galaxy Tab, set the APN value in the settings
    - Click the phone name on the app main screen

  7. Please tell me is there any way to connect my android tablet through its wifi to bluetooth of a nokia 6233 mobile to get internet in my android tablet

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  9. On a TOMTOM Go 730 and T-Mobile using a Modded htcHd2 android I was finally able to connect to TomTom services, using T-Mobile I service and accepting all defaults with no pw or usernameI spent about 4 hours just retrying all the settings. I think the trick is how the TomTom connects to the phone initially. I deleted and reconnected in different sequences. Not sure what really worked, but success. Good app!!

  10. Excellent program... Works as it says, easy to set up and use. Wish all applications worked this well. Using Samsung Note 2 & Acer Ionia 500. Thanks. Gryphen7.

  11. Hello,
    some apps does not work with the bluevpn. I got n galaxy s4 connected via rsap to a premium fse on a vw,connect via bluevpn to a dial up connection and I can search on the web with the browser but the email client and some other apps are not online

  12. The list of working apps are specified in the Google Play page.
    Limitation is due to an Android VPN bug

  13. Hello

    Can someone tell me if BlueDUN works with HTC One?

  14. Hi, i would like to connect my motorola xt910 with android 4.1.2 with my new mercedes cla, but the software send a message like: is registred but the firmware is not compatible. can you help me?

  15. Hi Mirko.
    Compliments for this wonderful app.

    I just use blueVPN to connect at a nokia 5800 equipped with a flat 3g wind .

    All is ok and very stable connection.

    Consider this superbe and fantastic, I ask you that it's possible to create another vpn, ad example a openvpn tunnel of a private intranet (work for example) using the vpn tunnel of bluevpn.

    Now I understand that the key assigned to bluevpn is to overwrite from a new key initialized by openvpn client.
    It's possible to create another key vpn using tethering bluetooth with tunnel bluevpn ?

    Also it's possible to see a valid connection for particular app ad example google now, play Store or Skype?

    Thanks in advance


  16. Hello,
    It works good, but it's impossible to kill the process by NFC task. After few seconds it's back again. Looks like auto-resume is always on, even if not checked?

  17. hi, i tried following your guids and but i have no luck connecting with my N73
    i used the N73 as a BT and connected modem before with my PC but i have the following error

    your device does not support vpn connections
    unable to find explicit activity class
    {}; have you declared this activity in you androidmanifest.xml

    then a minute later

    your device does not support vpn connections
    vpn parcel in null

    where do i send the logs? which 1 do i have to modify? the n73 or my ace2 (4.2 using CM 10.1)

  18. Hey guys can you please help me out??
    I have got a nexus 7(2012 Model) 16 gb with android 4.4 kitkat on it with bluevpn.I have also got a samsung corby pro gt b5310 with reliance 3g on it while it's bluetooth having dun capability.
    Problem is that it connects to my corby but i can't access the internet.
    can you please help me with each an every setting on bluevpn app on nexus 7 tab.
    that would be a huge favour.

  19. The BlueVPN app works fine but the new Android version 4.4 introduces several bugs in the VPN code: packet are sent and received to/from VPN but not captured by applications

    I've started a bug trace on Google developer's website, please add your comment here:

    The new updates 4.4.1 and 4.4.2 seem not solve the issue.

  20. So till when should i expect to run internet using bluevpn on my nexus 7??
    i have got 4.4.2 version on it.
    i cannot install bluedun on my samsung corby pro gtb5310 being a java phone.
    it shows that connection is established even packets are being sent and recevied
    in huge number but still i can't use internet on my nexus7.

    please help me out with this,i am badly stuck with this,and have tried lots of other apps,though none of them are working.

  21. Tethering works from pc to phone but vpn+ won't get past negotiation.

  22. HI, my connect between nexus 7 & N73 was working fine but now it is giving error message as "assigned ip is null..." could you please tell me how to solve it. Thanks.

  23. Please make adfree version of BlueVPN. After latest update there is ads and i hate ads.
    And i don't want widget and 3gmodem functionality of BlueVPN+. Thanks.

  24. viber and whatsapp do not work with bluevpn
    only browsing is possible..
    plz tell how to solve the issue.

  25. Hello, could you please show some instructions on how to set up this with iBluever on iPad/iPhone? I have an iPad I've been tethering successfully through BlueDUN for some time with generic iBluever settings, but when I upgraded to the iPad Air, the same settings don't seem to be working. I really appreciate the BlueDUN software, but the only thing missing is support for ibluever :) Thanks so much!

  26. nokia n8 ( on three)+ samsung tab 3 - all works
    blue vpn 2.5 instal on tab, pair n8 and tab via bluetooth (accept passwords etc.), in bluevpn settings "accespoint" use your phone APN (my is Make sure in phone "mobile data" is off, only bluetooth on. Connect and that is it.

  27. Ciao ho acquistato l'app per connettere il sistema di navigazione Lexus Al mio HTC one ma non Ci sono riuscito, hai qualche consiglio da darmi?

  28. The Samsung internet browser does work via bluetooth and BlueVPN+ (Hooray!, that alone was worth the three euros), although it keeps saying that WiFi is absent (and I have to press OK every time).

    The other apps will not try anything, they just complain about WiFi not there and do nothing. I would like to use the bluethooth phone for Waze, but the app does't 'buy' it.

    On my Galaxy tab3 7.0, I cannot select bluetooth for internet. I have looked under Settings, Bluetooth, but all I see is rename phone.


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